Gustavo Bastos Serviços Odontológicos
Rua Visconde de Pirajá 407 / 706
Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

+ 55 21 2267-8373
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Choosing an orthodontist in Rio

My name is Karina Zhou, a 25 years Chinese, living in Ipanema, Rio de janeiro. I  wanted to do the orthodontics for a long time when I was in China, but that time, my parents and I were concered about the influence of teeth extractions. They thought the teeth will not as solid before. Since I moved to Rio, luckily, my friend introduced Dr. Gustavo to me, her daughter is doing the orthodontics with Dr. Gustavo as well. In the progress of communicating with Dr. Gustavo, I am very impressed by his professional skill and considerate attitude to the patient. Besides, he can always reply to the consulting email at...

Trabalho em Grupo – Odontopediatria

Uma ajudinha é sempre bem vinda! A melhor maneira de não ter medo da visita ao dentista é fazer com que a experiência seja divertida e cheia de desafios positivos. Mesmo que o desafio seja ajudar a limpar os dentes da irmã mais velha!  ...

Brazilian Dentist Attracts International Attention

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Ipanema based orthodontist, Dr. Gustavo Kreuzig Bastos, last week welcomed the first two of a dozen visiting dental students on research trips from the UK. Yusef Gadiwalla and Chirag Patel, both final year students from Kings College London, arrived last Thursday. A research trip abroad is a compulsory part of the dentistry program at Kings College London, one of the UK’s leading dentistry schools. “All undergraduate students are encouraged to take an elective during their final year and partnerships with schools around the world help to facilitate this”, says Professor Stephen Challacombe, Director of External Strategy for the Kings College Dental Institute. Patel and Gadiwalla chose Rio because of its world class...