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Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

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Choosing an orthodontist in Rio

My name is Karina Zhou, a 25 years Chinese, living in Ipanema, Rio de janeiro. I  wanted to do the orthodontics for a long time when I was in China, but that time, my parents and I were concered about the influence of teeth extractions. They thought the teeth will not as solid before. Since I moved to Rio, luckily, my friend introduced Dr. Gustavo to me, her daughter is doing the orthodontics with Dr. Gustavo as well. In the progress of communicating with Dr. Gustavo, I am very impressed by his professional skill and considerate attitude to the patient. Besides, he can always reply to the consulting email at...

Incognito Hidden Braces in Rio

By Nathan M. Walters, Senior Contributing Reporter RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Incognito Hidden Braces is one of the latest treatments in orthodontics, and the new system relies on gold for the perfect balance of strength and malleability.  The groundbreaking system is now being offered by Ipanema-based orthodontist Dr. Gustavo Bastos to create beautiful smiles in Rio. Dr. Bastos is actually the only specialist in the state of Rio qualified to offer the Incognito Hidden Bracesfrom 3M.  The system, which uses gold customized brackets placed on the backside of the teeth (lingual braces), is the most recent development in creating perfect smiles without the risk of social embarrassment. “The Incognito Hidden Braces system...

Dentistry for the Modern Carioca

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL Dr Gustavo Bastos runs one of the most technology forward and progressive dentistry practices in Rio. Located in Ipanema, the clinic caters to a large clientele, a great number of which comprises of the expat community. One of the reasons that sets Dr Gustavo’s clinic apart from the multitude of others in Brazil is the use of advanced practices in all spheres of the clinics functioning. From the minute clients walk in, every consultation, x-ray, clinical procedure and the treatment that follows, is digitally documented and catalogued in separate client folders. This information is then uploaded to secure document sharing services where they can be accessed from anywhere at any time. The folders are...