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UK Kings College Students 2019

This august we have been visited once again by students from Kings College School of Dentistry. During the week the students spent in our office they have seen our digital dentistry workflow, planning of cases, 3D printing, Itero scaning, ceramic milling and other dental procedures. "Hope you are well! We are final year dental student at Kings College London and we would like to shadow your practice in August 2019 in Brazil. We are fascinated to see the difference in patient management and treatment options and are very interested in visiting your practice. We were wondering if it would be possible for 2 colleagues and I to shadow...

Palestra Invisalign Study Club – RJ

No dia 09 de Agosto de 2017 Gustavo Bastos ministrou palestra no Invisalign Study Club. Nesta edição do evento apresentou casos clínicos considerados difíceis e que foram tratados com aparelho Invisalign. Muitos ortodontistas acreditam que o aparelho invisalign não deveria ser utilizado para casos mais complexos. Entretanto, Gustavo Bastos acredita que com o domínio da técnica, mesmo casos difíceis, como de mordida aberta, podem ser bem conduzidos com Invisalign. ...

How invisalign is manufactured?

Align Technology, the creator of Invisalign clear braces, is a leader in the digital revolution of orthodontics and dentistry. Gustavo Bastos is one of the leading providers of Invisalign in Rio de Janeiro, with great results treating simple and chalenging cases. Watch this informative video to learn about the Invisalign company, technology, and innovative process behind the clear alternative to braces.     How is invisalign manufactured - Gustavo Bastos...