Gustavo Bastos Serviços Odontológicos
Rua Visconde de Pirajá 407 / 706
Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

+ 55 21 2267-8373
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Choosing an orthodontist in Rio

My name is Karina Zhou, a 25 years Chinese, living in Ipanema, Rio de janeiro. I  wanted to do the orthodontics for a long time when I was in China, but that time, my parents and I were concered about the influence of teeth extractions. They thought the teeth will not as solid before. Since I moved to Rio, luckily, my friend introduced Dr. Gustavo to me, her daughter is doing the orthodontics with Dr. Gustavo as well. In the progress of communicating with Dr. Gustavo, I am very impressed by his professional skill and considerate attitude to the patient. Besides, he can always reply to the consulting email at...