Gustavo Bastos Serviços Odontológicos
Rua Visconde de Pirajá 407 / 706
Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

+ 55 21 2267-8373
+55 21 2513-2385



Dentistry for the Modern Carioca

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL Dr Gustavo Bastos runs one of the most technology forward and progressive dentistry practices in Rio. Located in Ipanema, the clinic caters to a large clientele, a great number of which comprises of the expat community. One of the reasons that sets Dr Gustavo’s clinic apart from the multitude of others in Brazil is the use of advanced practices in all spheres of the clinics functioning. From the minute clients walk in, every consultation, x-ray, clinical procedure and the treatment that follows, is digitally documented and catalogued in separate client folders. This information is then uploaded to secure document sharing services where they can be accessed from anywhere at any time. The folders are...

Brazilian Dentist Attracts International Attention

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Ipanema based orthodontist, Dr. Gustavo Kreuzig Bastos, last week welcomed the first two of a dozen visiting dental students on research trips from the UK. Yusef Gadiwalla and Chirag Patel, both final year students from Kings College London, arrived last Thursday. A research trip abroad is a compulsory part of the dentistry program at Kings College London, one of the UK’s leading dentistry schools. “All undergraduate students are encouraged to take an elective during their final year and partnerships with schools around the world help to facilitate this”, says Professor Stephen Challacombe, Director of External Strategy for the Kings College Dental Institute. Patel and Gadiwalla chose Rio because of its world class...

Dr Glen Williams – 22/09/2009

A primeira reunião do Grupo de Estudos aconteceu nesta última terça, dia 22 de setembro de 2009. Estamos apostando que será a primeira de muitas reuniões! Nosso grande amigo Glen Williams, periodontista de mão cheia, trouxe informações sobre Microcirurgia Periodontal. Por enquanto somos seis dentistas: Thessia Sab, Fabricio Pacheco, Paulo Marcelo Santos, Rodrigo Alvitos, Glen e Gustavo Bastos. ...