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Orthodontics and Dental Care in Ipanema

As one of the leading dental clinics in Rio de Janeiro, Ipanema-based dentist Dr. Gustavo Bastos is fluent in English and German. Dr. Bastos has built strong relationships with the foreign community in Rio, and is able to offer the  premium services to expatriates and travelers in the city. Gustavo Bastos Odontologia - Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro Tel: +55 (21) 2267-8373 / (21) 2513-2385  Perhaps the strongest feature of Gustavo Bastos dentistry for adults and children is the sophisticated use of technology, and forward trending treatments, such as INVISALIGN and lingual braces. Also the use of CLOUD BASED TECHNOLOGY has updated the management and administration methods of his practice providing greater efficiency...

Aparelho Lingual: Incognito

Tratamentos ortodônticos podem ser solucionados com aparelhos invisíveis. Neste caso foi usado o aparelho lingual Incognito e o resultado foi atingido em 24 meses de tratamento.  Dear Dr Gustavo, I just want to say big thanks to you! You are a very good orthodontist and I am very happy with your job. The results are even better than I imagined! I like very much the fact that you are always on time which I thought was impossible in Rio de Janeiro! Also, you are very precise and careful, very patient.Anyway, I just want to recommend you to anyone not 100% happy with one's teeth! Thưa Bác sỹ Gustavo, tôi chỉ muốn nói lời...